Hand Made in the UK was created over 6 years ago as we couldn’t find many places to get our own craft page seen on Facebook. Over the years we have grown our following by sharing wonderful small craft businesses daily (never missed a day), this has paid off as we have over 51k followers on the main HMUK page and now have other pages on Facebook also sharing lovely crafters like yourselves. 

Instagram has more recently taken off and with almost 30k followers we promote pages daily, although it’s growing rapidly there is a lovely feel to the page with a weekly competition to win a week of shares the following week – there is a real competitiveness about the page but also a very friendly atmosphere with thousands of people taking part every week. 
HMUK has been involved with the UK crafting scene for many years in one way or another. We set up one of the first Marketplace websites where people could sell their own items, unfortunately we did close it down due to the rise of larger companies building their own platforms – we just couldn’t compete. 

With our vast experience of promoting small craft businesses through social media, forums and our own HMUK Blog which also has over 85k individual views I feel I’m ready to take the business to the next level.