Reusable 9 inches sanitary pad medium absorbency – no plastic, no waste, eco fri

Item Description

The listing is for 1 reusable sanitary pad, 9 inches long, 2 1/4 inches wide, suitable for light and moderate flow.

The pads are handmade using 100% cotton fabric for the core, flannel for the part that touches the knickers and the inside is made of 1 layer of bamboo and 1 layer of zorb2.

You will receive a random colour/pattern but please have a look at the fabrics available and if there is one that you really like contact me to see if it’s still available and I can make your pad in that pattern. I would advise dark colours as the pad will stain a bit.

Pads can be washed at 40 degrees. When you remove it, rinse it in COLD WATER (hot water will seal the stains in) and then just wash it normally in the washing machine. Although not recommended, I do tumble dry mine and I also iron them.

I sell different styles of pads so have a look at my other items.

And if you have any more questions, please just ask!


1) they are eco friendly. American women use between 12000 and 16000 sanitary pads in their whole life. Multiply this number for every woman on the planet. It’s a lot! Disposable sanitary pads are made of plastic, that doesn’t get recycled, and ends up in oceans and sees and rivers.

2) traditional sanitary pads are… unsanitary! They contain gels and chemicals that make them absorbent, but that also increase sweating, block skin perspiration, and smell badly! Cloth pads don’t smell, yes, they don’t! What makes the traditional pads smell are the chemicals, which can also cause very serious (and occasionally lethal) allergic reactions.

3) cloth pads can reduce cramps and very bad period pains, this is because they let the skin breath and do not contain chemicals.

4) they are cheaper than disposable pads, in fact you only need a few to start with, and if properly cared for they will last you forever. Simply rinse them under cold water and then they can be machine washed. Do not tumble dry.

5) cloth pads are often handmade, by buying them you support a small business and not a massive company that is not really interested in the planet. Buying handmade you support a woman like you who does what she do with loads of love.

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