Woody No:11

Item Description

This is our eleventh male robot up for adoption – he will be one of many numbered robots – all will be individual – never two identical and will come with his own tag. Our robots will be numbered on their bottoms in the order they were made – this one is number: 11 this will make them very collectible.

The Robots are made from Pine and Ash and this one is hand painted – his eyes are made from bright blue rhinestones and he has lovely green dungarees and the head has a rotating spinner inserted to make him very unique – he can see all the way round him.

This robot is very lucky – he has his own (DAD SHED) …. which is on a stand – there is a small flower pot for him to sit on – the tools are not included in this sale.

The size of this robot is approx:
Length of Body & Head – 90mm
Width of Body is – 44mm
Depth of Body is – 33mm

Item Other Details
This is not a toy and is not recommende for children.